Protective Packaging Systems Ltd develops and markets advanced, ‘intelligent packaging’ systems to ensure your products survive the hazards encountered during shipping and handling.


Controlling micro-contamination is a major concern for manufacturers who require the highest standards of packaging cleanliness to protect ultra-clean hardware and components manufactured for high reliability applications.

Now PPS has the answer to your ultra-clean packaging needs – the CleanTuff range of stock bags, film and tubing.

CleanTuff uses materials with low outgassing and ionic contamination levels which meets or exceeds the following standards:

    Cleanroom: ISO 14644 Class 4
    FED Std 209E Class 10
    Product: NASA JPG 5322.1 level 50
    IEST-STD-CC1246D level 50

CleanTuff ultra-clean polyethylene bags and tubing are designed
for use in applications where cleanliness levels meeting or exceeding IEST-CC-STD 1246D level 100 are necessary.

CleanTuff Antistatic clean pink low charging polyethylene bags and tubing are for use in applications where a combination of cleanliness and electrostatic discharge protection is required.

Roll-stock and finished bags can be supplied in a wide range of widths ranging from 50mm to 1600mm. Bag lengths are from 50mm upwards. [more]

Clean Nylon packaging film is designed for applications where cleanliness, toughness and high abrasion resistance is required. [more]